W.A.T.C.H.’s #SHOUTsafety campaign is a call to action encouraging families, caregivers and consumers to raise the volume when it comes to talking about safety issues. Through this campaign and other year-round efforts, W.A.T.C.H. strives to encourage safer manufacture, design and marketing of products before they enter the channels of commerce and to promote increased transparency and reporting by manufacturers when safety issues arise. Recalls are important safety measures, but occur after the product is in the hands of unsuspecting children who may suffer serious, even life-threatening injuries. For example, the recent Consumer Product Safety Commission recall of the Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play highlights the importance of making sure products are safe before reaching retail outlets. The recall was issued only after a reported 30 infants died since 2009.  As of October 2019, the CPSC received reports of 1,108 incidents, including 73 infant deaths, related to infant inclined sleep products that occurred from January 2005 through June 2019.Immediate action is needed when the risk of child injury or death is known, so that more children are not unnecessarily put at risk. Increased dissemination of timely and detailed information about safety issues allows more consumers to make informed decisions when choosing children’s products and activities. Sounding the alarm for safety is even more critical when one considers that some unsafe or recalled toys may resurface in yard sales or second-hand online sites. Also, new “re-designed” or re-packaged products may have safety traps similar to their predecessors. This summer, stay informed, know what to look for, and #SHOUTsafety with your family and community to reduce preventable injuries.