Dr. Lisa Bergersen is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and an Interventional Cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. After graduating from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in 1996, she completed her residency training in pediatrics at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. In 2009, she earned a Master’s in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. While practicing full time at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bergersen has pioneered the development of patient care and quality improvement projects. For over a decade, she has sponsored the Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Project on Outcomes (C3PO), the first multi-center registry to record procedural data for congenital heart disease and report outcomes with novel metric tools in the United States. Participation has now been extended internationally to improve care in low- and middle-income countries in partnership with the International Quality Improvement Collaborative (IQIC). Dr. Bergersen co-authored the authoritative cardiac catheterization manual used for training in this field. Recognized internationally for her expertise in clinical research, device trials, and risk adjustment methodology, she serves as an advisor on several national Cardiology Society committees.