Project Description

Price:  $24.99

Manufacturer or Distributor: Kids2, Inc.

Retailer(s): Target,,

Age Recommendation:  “0M +”

Warnings: “WARNING: To prevent suffocation, do not put any pillow in a cot or near an area where an infant may sleep” (on product tag inside box), and other cautions/warnings. 


W.A.T.C.H. OUT! This plush, soft “prop mat” is sold for newborn infants along with a “no slide tummy pillow” and other accessories for “auditory [and] tactile…stimulation.” A “caution” on a tag states: “Do NOT allow babies to sleep on this product…. Do NOT use in crib, play yard, or other contained area.” Another tag warns of the potential for “suffocation….” The potential hazards associated with pillows and similar plush items sold for infants are well documented.