Project Description

Price:  $21.99

Manufacturer or Distributor:  Radio Flyer, Inc.

Retailer(s): HomeGoods, ,,,

Age Recommendation:  “1½ – 5 YEARS”

Warnings:  “WARNING: Never use near motor vehicles, streets, roadways, alleys, swimming pool areas, hills, steps, sloped driveways, inclines and public highways” (and other warnings).


W.A.T.C.H. OUT! The seat of this low-profile, circular saucer with “EZ- GLIDEWHEELS” is approximately 5 inches high. Children as young as 1½ years old are encouraged to “spin” on this ride-on toy with a “360° MOTION”. The label depicts a young child riding the saucer on a sidewalk, despite warnings to “never” use near “motor vehicles, streets, roadways…[and] sloped driveways…”, among other warnings. The manufacturer does not include warnings or instructions regarding the use of helmets or other safety gear.